Thank you for sharing this. I totally agree and could not have said this any better.

My hat off to you and bow. :)

...Nice idea but yea, where"s the parking?

Shuttles to and from hotels? ...that's a joke when you're sitting in traffic.

People...this is a "retirement community" ...it's not made, designed nor planned to embrace "big crowds" ...such as this.

It's too bad you can't "util…

Unintended consequences? who are you trying to kid ...it is well intended to get rid of dead weight in order to make room for those who can pay the higher rents and the seniors stop this endeavor so ...yea, out you go! Sad, very sad.

ybabully commented on Bay City Flowers to close

Perfect spot for a big hotel and more rv's ...in fact why don't we just bull doze that whole area and put in hi-rise condos not to mention lets add more sluggish weekend traffic! thanks a lot for this huge loss. Seriously...