I’m so sorry a player was injured. Would have been great to compete as a full healthy roster. But congratulations for hmb going to state! Well done!

Please respect those who died and their loved ones, not preach your opinions. They are for another time. Not now🙏🏽

CalTrans communication at its best.

Great idea!

People are not testing....and not reporting ......covid numbers are rising.....

County oversight needs to continue and strengthen.

Horrible. Sheriffs department is culpable for this young mans safety.

This is why sheriffs department needs social workers on staff to help with people with mental health issues.

Thank you Peter for a great, uplifting article!

Where’s the photo?!!!


Thank you for this story. So sad. A nice young man and a loss to the community.

What a waste of money. Cameras to determine usage. How about the eyes of anybody who drives it! It needs to be widen...not more signs, cameras,etc, feasibility studies!