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Thanks for your comments backed up with more data. I'm considering running and would encourage you as well. I always feel badly about criticizing people who have run for office. We have to appreciate the efforts and time they have put into trying to take care of all of us.

Kjirsten Touhy asked, what to do if you think you have Covid:

Call your Doctor or Nurse Practitioner and get advice but simple treatments can be started till you get in touch with them. You should be seen face to face if you have any of the signs or symptoms of severe Covid-19 so a …

Points well taken. Let's not even get into the issues surrounding the diagnostic qualities of the tests. Proper sensitivity/specificity studies are rare. Hopefully we will be better equipped for the next pandemic. Medical progress continues to amaze me. Efforts are also being applied to m…

Fantastic and timely reporting! Keep up the good work. How about following up with possible solutions: 1. abbreviating permitting procedures, 2. Appealing the USACE for assistance, 3. Applying for infra structure grants.