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As Obama famously said, "Elections have consequences."


As one of many who donates to the ever-needy Peninsula Humane Society it's disappointing to learn that their director's compensation is $350K …

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Supervisor and prior Sheriff Don Horsely proved his first allegiance is to his friends in the Sheriff's Department; you cannot expect to get unbiased commentary from such a loyalist.

Horsely was instrumental in appointing Carlos Bolanos to Sheriff Munks' position, thus avoiding an e…

uffish thought commented on Proposed sewer fees unfair to many in city

Excellent letter, thank you.

IMO the sewer fees should reflect the units of water used, which of course go largely into our sewer system. Less water, less usage of an expensive infrastructure. It's only fair that everyone should pay for what they use. We're not going to be that comm…

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Whoops, I transposed the two vowels. It's Nisbet.

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Thank you Mr Nesbit for the above information. This cannot be an easy time in City Hall.

I'm curious about the “Disaster Service Worker (DSW)” job description, so looking online at other cities found that government employees essentially are all automatically signed up as DSWs at th…

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First point: In theory there is no more risk of spreading WuFlu if you drive your car to a walking trail than if you directly walk out your door (this assumes no interaction with others.)

In practice, traveling more than a short distance becomes more than trail use: people will use …

Flubbed the link. Here it is-


"Venice became the first to formalise such protective actions against plague, closing the city’s waters to suspect vessels, and subjecting travellers and legiti…

To keep things in perspective, here is an illuminating graphic of relative death tolls from pandemics throughout the ages:


The Bubonic Plague ("Bring out your dead!")* killed 200 million; up to half Europe's popu…

Here is the actual order, which appears to carry legal

criminal teeth to it:


The Ark truly is wonderful! It's quickly become one of our favorite places. Don't miss trying it.

The San Mateo County Elections Office could not get any further from "excellent" if they tried. Along with 10 other CA counties they were sued for refusing to comply with the National Voter Registration Act of 1993 (NVRA) and not removing from their rolls voters who had died or moved away…