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Only poetry speaks the ineffable when the voice is speechless with grief.

Thank you, Scott Dewar.

Thank you, Half Moon Bay Review. Providing these reports in this emergency are why the existence of the Review is so important to residents, workers, visitors and businesses on the Coastside! [thumbup] Suzanne

FYI: The author of the opinion is Thomas Kirkpatrick, not Kilpatrick.

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Too funny! And, I fear, somewhere, someone will take it seriously....but not by Coastsiders.[smile]

[happybirthday] John! Thank you for all the causes you have supported, whether or not I agreed with all of them. I think I've signed petitions re most of them. You are a local hero. I'm proud to have been Mrs. Claus to your Santa in front of Safeway raising money for Coastside Hope some y…

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"You gotta have heart...miles and miles of heart!" Great, heartfelt article, Casey. You and the team of Senior Coastsiders volunteers definitely got heart! [love]

Suzanne Black

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Good advice from a Voice of Experience. Thanks, Norm! Good to have you swinging that bat again.

This is wonderful foresight and support from everyone involved. An appropriate next chapter in good things coming from that site. I spent a number of years patronizing and volunteering at the Senior Coastsiders Thrift Store. I loved its mission and its role in HMB and in the lives of seni…

And if you also have VOIP phone & cellphone, you are definitely without a paddle. So glad they got it fixed; their incoming phone calls must have been deafening! Once I got a human to talk with (not an automaton), the courtesy was commendable.

Congratulations and Best Wishes, Tom. You're a real asset to our community. I will never forget the board meetings of the former Half Moon Bay Open Space Trust (HOST) conducted at the long low table in the main room at your school, 6-8 of us adults sitting in (or rather, crunched in) litt…