Justin, with all due respect to you and your professional opinion, I think referring to modern UAVs as "toys" is no longer true. Like any tool, it can be used for recreation, and can also be misused in the hands of the wrong person. But these tools can certainly assist first responders in…

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I echo everything Justin said. And thank you to Katie for her heartfelt and eloquent telling of this story. We are fortunate to live in this special place, but it has its dangers.

Such a fun time of year. I hope everybody is able to experience and enjoy the festivities. Kudos to all the people who work so hard to make this happen. Thank you!

This is such a great program. The city should try to get even more neighborhoods to participate next year. Our little corner of town (Railroad and Poplar) had a blast!

Thank you for your fair and detailed coverage of this important issue. It's helping us towards a solution to this problem.

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Kudos to Abundant Grace for their tireless work, and to our local journalists for keeping us informed. I’m so grateful to live in this community and appreciate the blessings every day.

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I support your call for responsibility around the Johnston House. I hear the "boys will be boys" argument all the time, and it disgusts me. Your responsibility as citizens is to leave things as you found them. If you want to play in the fields and even party out there, clean up aft…