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I’m truly so sorry for your loss.

Wow, what an amazing job that could have gone very wrong. I wish we did better at not putting our brave young lifeguards in these situations. Big thanks to our heroic lifeguards!

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Have to say I’m surprised at the age of the workers who were killed. What’s going on in that place? Are people in their 70’s doing manual labor at a mushroom farm? Perhaps they wanted or needed the work, but it smells fishy. What are the working conditions for laborers in our backyard?

All the arguing about off-leash and it makes not a bit of difference to what people do as there is zero enforcement. I'm all for having places on the beach for our dogs to run - especially if it creates an alternative to turning the area around the harbor into an off-leash dog park. The e…

Useless eyesores- thanks to those working against the signification of the coastside!

Great point on the ebikes. Totally agree.

Dan - your comments are not relevant here as the issue is not planes located at the airport but frequent and excessive circling over homes by flight schools and clubs from over the hill. They have occupied this airspace with no opportunity for regulation or feedback. This has no impact on…

Perhaps surprisingly asking the flight schools and flying clubs to be good neighbors and create policies for pilots who use their planes has resulted in progress. I hope the county adopts these limits on out of town flight schools buzzing our homes (not in direct proximity to the airport)…

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Tell me more?

This is so great - the community and pilots working together to make life tolerable and still permit normal airport operations. Thanks for the wonderful presentation, Jerry. Thanks for the well written article, HMB Review. We are all in this together! Steve Gallup