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San Mateo County Sheriff’s deputies arrested a 35-year-old Half Moon Bay man late Saturday night after he allegedly shot at vehicles in Cameron’s RV park on Wavecrest Road. The man also reportedly set his own RV on fire. Read more


Let me address some of your arguments.

First, saying that the mural will not cure racism is quite simply, defeatist. Why do it if we won't stop racism? Well, why put bumper stickers on our cars? Why march? Why vote? If everyone thought as you did, we would all just sit on the couch …

Hi Local,

I attended both city council calls where the idea was proposed by the Eblovi family, discussed and debated by the city council. There is nothing to stop you from proposing an idea that addresses affordable housing, traffic, homelessness, etc.

These are all issues tha…

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This #BlackLivesMatter mural is to be symbolic of our community's love, inclusiveness and equity.

Enormously proud of our community and our commitment to anti-racism.