Sandy Miranda

The first murders took place 850’ from my front porch across the creek. My friend and I were outside and hear the gunshots as if they were right next to us. We are shaken up. Our hearts go out to the families affected. Too many guns!!’

Thanks for keeping us informed this weekend Clay! Appreciate it very much. Now go have a nice dinner on us.

Great that people temporarily living in their vehicles will get the support they need to move toward being housed again. Great news for HMB. What about all the folks living in tents along Pillarcitos Creek? Any progress on that front?

Great news, and congratulations Mathew! He has been very responsive to reported issues and we look forward to getting to know him.

Sandy Miranda commented on Cafe owner’s death leaves hole downtown

What a great loss to our community. When I was new in town, Harpo reached out from his usual perch at the front table at Cafe Society and we became friends right away. We just started talking about music like music people always do. I saw him sitting there not that long before he was gone…

This is wonderful. So glad that the great traditions of the sacred are being carried on in our area. And even in the rain! As the Celts say, Bessed Be.

Thanks for writing such a nice article Mz. Spaeth. You really captured the story and I look forward to reading more of your reporting.