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San Mateo County Sheriff’s deputies arrested a 35-year-old Half Moon Bay man late Saturday night after he allegedly shot at vehicles in Cameron’s RV park on Wavecrest Road. The man also reportedly set his own RV on fire. Read more


I am glad HMB is making itself heard on this subject. But I wish the article were accompanied by a photo of the mural itself.

Please delete or ignore my previous comment. It was intended for another story.

I wish this article were accompanied by a photo of the mural itself.

Instead of automatic contempt for public officials, maybe it would help more to acknowledge the genuine complexities of governing and the difficulties that result, especially when a large proportion of citizens have been conditioned to believe that "government is the problem," a belief th…

To Chris Conner and all these compassionate people helping others in this time of great need: There is no way to express the debt of gratitude we your neighbors owe you. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Could you share the URL of the report or reports containing all the facts stated in this article?

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Interesting opinion. Would you mind sharing the basis for it?

As I read it, the parking lots for *all* state beaches are closed. But the beaches themselves remain open, subject to local order. So HMB has ordered its beaches closed, but apparently Montara has not.

Uh, who exactly is "stick[ing] it to the locals?"

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Make that $181 million.