POST and the Coastal Commission are nothing short of a legal mafia.

Disappointing that the Andreotti's sold out to POST.

At the end of the day, who's job is on the line when these major blunders happen? That's who we need to be putting the pressure onto. Do you really think CHP, Caltran workers, etc. care about you and I? They're more than happy just sitting around with their union protections and pensions. De…

What an absolute mess on so many levels. If there were truly an emergency to happen on the coast, clearly our local officials have no idea where to even begin. None of these agencies communicate with eachother. The tree trimming added insult to injury. Thank god for our level headed coastsid…

What a great addition to the coastal community!

Scott, I wish you were on City Council! We need intelligent people like you with common sense and vision.

Scott and Zach, I couldn't agree more. Having lived here for over 30 years, I have yet to see our city properly plan for this town. The potential here is amazing. Sadly, no-growthers believe they are doing us a favor when in reality they are part of the problem. Traffic and tourists are no…

Build it, minus the RV park.

Such a wonderful tradition on the coast. Great job I.D.E.S. and Portuguese community. Nice article.

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