Petsnotmeds commented on Coast Guard ‘plugs’ foghorn

Sound like crying babies are the ones claiming to have lived on the Coastside for decades. Complain to the ancient Indians and the native animals. No entitlement for seniority and pseudo nativism. It's not about you or your personal sleeping aides, it's about public safety and what makes …

Petsnotmeds commented on Coast Guard ‘plugs’ foghorn

Neither are you. Move back to where you came from.

Petsnotmeds commented on Coast Guard ‘plugs’ foghorn

So you lived here for 30 and has not done much to improve? Well, then let someone who can. If you don't like improvement, then go back to where you came from.

Petsnotmeds commented on Coast Guard ‘plugs’ foghorn

It's about time. Modern technology uses GPS, not sound. No more human synthetic noise. Plug the remaining while at it. Those who need to live with it can move back to where they came from or record it to play back in their headset, 24/7. Or one can YouTube it the last remaining sound befo…

Petsnotmeds commented on Coast Guard ‘plugs’ foghorn

8, actually

Need to rephrase "priority". How is it a priority when priority sits second to nothing being done? I have seen schools, other than coastside being built or retrofitted completely. Pandemic is just an excuse for priority. Clean up that homeless encampment mess near 92 underpass and areas. …

A pattern of constant animosity and SOS. One strong contrast is the 5-star resort like fire station sitting close to a 1-star motel like El Granada Elementary School. We have so much more fire around the Coastside to fight than a long overdue school infrastructure. A fallen bicyclist on t…

Native Indians did not approve what it is today the PUD Coastside HMB, EG, MB, and Montara generations ago, so what gives?

Anyway, already saw dozens of utility trucks figuring out how to cut down the trees. More work for people and rural sprawling, yeah~ on B minor

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Apparently, lawyers are the only ones benefiting from such sewer legal byproducts. Put their offices in with the wastewater tank and get sewer over with. Then put whoever misbehaved boards among the ND leads for random complaints, pets lost-and-found, and self-absorbed praises. Thank you.

Clean up the homeless encampment from Safeway to Hwy.1 underpass. For years HMB has not delivered yet making the place a trick-or-treat trail after an initial raid.

Ban leaf blowers like many of the cities have done in the Bay Area. It's a 7 days a week noise and air pollution. Loca…