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Updated 7:48 p.m. A small plane has crashed into the waters several miles off the coast of Half Moon Bay. The San Mateo County Sheriff's Office says two occupants of the plane have been rescued. Read more


What is really needed is to stop using packing materials that aren't biodegradable, or glass. How about requiring the sellers & manufacturers to either recycle or dispose of what they create?

Why allow more population and expansion until the Connect The Coastside traffic analysis is done? Why should this company profit at the expense of traffic delays for every resident and visitor? And the same issue for water and sewer security... There is a Capacity to our ecosystem and inf…

Perspective commented on MWSD water rates may start to rise

Now THAT is a great idea! And throw SAM into the mix. Some suggestions to look into: underfunding maintenance, growth that doesn't pay for the capital foundation on which it piggybacks, cutbacks in water use requiring rate increases to restore revenues, escalating environmental requiremen…

Perspective commented on MWSD water rates may start to rise

While it's always nice seeing your name in the paper, I must clarify and amplify my comments as reported herein. When I described the NIMTOO ("Not In My Term Of Office") mindset to your reporter, I was referring to government in general and to some members of the SAM Board in particular. …

Perspective commented on SAM general manager to resign in June

What's missing from this story is that the Board wouldn't renew her contract. Marshall has been pursued by other agencies for months. This is a big loss, and a testament to the SAM board dysfunction/discord. HMB is both the culprit and the loser here.