Patrick McKee

The ordinance requires that gas and propane lines be capped no later than 2045 (could be anytime sooner!), for every building, commercial and residential. Somehow, this will prevent what Councilperson Penrose said when she stated “We have to do everything we can to fight the thing that’s …

Dr. Hees was a great teacher and person. My son had him AP Stats and thought the world of him.

"For the sake of discussion, let’s assume that access to 300 square feet of total living space is scientifically determined to be sufficient for a single individual." So, would it be OK if "we" assembled a commitee and came to your house to make sure you are only using your allotted 300 s…


5th weekend IN A ROW for some of us all for the joy of being charged 54 cents per kWh, time of use. HMB going electrification-only and banning natural gas is brilliant, just brilliant.

So you'll be able to drive through HMB while failing to signal a turn, have expired license tags and a defective tail light? That'll improve public safety! :-(

"We have had two cases in Half Moon Bay in which people were killed by deputies..."

In what universe is it OK to accuse another of murder absent a trial?

Sad that Newsom only had thirteen months to prepare for this. So many hurdles. :-) Makes one wonder how all the other dozens of vaccines are administered... :-) :-) has been completely awesome in our little canyon.

It's complete lunacy. The wealthy inflicting feel-good measures on the proletariat.