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CBD via hemp is different than CBD via cannabis. CBD with a little THC behaves in a synergistic manner although the big hype about CBD being a godsend therapeutic is just that: hype. No placebo, double blind studies because the Feds won't allow it. After all, CBD/THC could seriously impact …

I was living near Pescadero almost 40 years ago and the flooding was an issue then. I bet my big toe no solutions will happen now because guvmint doesn't really care.

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Unbelievable mess. Why was it tolerated so long?

The video showing the amount of garbage in the creek is really eye opening; it should have never lasted as long as it has.

The entire cannabis conundrum could be readily simplified if the "medical cannabis" topic could be emphasized instead of grouping it with the class of users who just want to get stoned. Let me make it even more simple: have propagation facilities-or what ever you want to term "…

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Long ago, about 40 years actually, I lived near Pescadero and remember the floods at the bridge as early as 1980. Reading from afar I find it's a darn right shame this flooding problem still hasn't been solved. In fact, it's inexcusable.

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I lived on the Coastside for almost 20 years before I moved to the "greener pastures" of Oregon in order to get back into the home owner category. I found lots of rain-often from Nov.-June and a native culture not enthralled with the Californication of Oregon. So, I now live very i…