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Dr. William Ayres died last month. The date has not been confirmed yet so far it is April 20, or 21, 2016.

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What date was he arrested?

Why was Bail $3,000,000.00 that is the same as NO Bail.

What was the name of the DDA.

What is the name of his Defense Attorney?

Was he represented by San Mateo County Private Defender Program? If so they specialize in promoting client to …

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I think everyone knows Heinz Pushendorf is requesting the recount by hand of all ballots for Measure W. He has asked the Supervisors this last Tuesday to pay for it, since they invested $350,000 for Educational Outreach to promote W.....http://sanmateocountynews.com/2018/12/04/heinz-puschend…

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Angela Hernandez has been found alive by a couple walking on the beach near Big Sur.

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Watchdog, Here are the photos sorry so late.

Tyler Durden Apr 17, 2018 9:21pm
Has anybody checked if Carlos Bolanos has had any other run-ins with the law besides the infamous Las Vegas house-of-ill-repute bust?
That story was a Lie and coverup from the beginning, Now 11 years after the fact we are learning what really happene…

"an incident in 2007." Its not an incident, its the lies and coverup by many.

Michael Stogner commented on Little League investigation closed

The San Mateo County Sheriff's Office Investigation under the leadership of Illegally Appointed Sheriff Carlos Bolanos, has zero credibility. They recently recommended criminal charges against Sabrina Brennan knowing they had NO Evidence to support that recommendation. Abuse of Authority.

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Finally Candidate Bolanos gets to answer questions he and his Chief Enabler Supervisor Don Horsley have avoided for 11 years. Were there other SMCSO Deputies with you in the Limo? Was there a second Limo with more SMCSO Deputies following to join you? What are the names of ALL Deputies invol…

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David Boesch is a Winner, He will be perfect.

Michael Stogner commented on County gives itself an ‘A’ on K

Measure K funds do not start for another 6 years.