Trump style racism, lol. What nonsense.

Maybe they just wanted to make Kamela Harris happy, remember when she tried to grandstand Biden.

(I was that girl) ...

Lou commented on King Tides roll through

King tides, in place for Thousands of years, will teach us about projected sea level increases of 1-2" over the next 100 years?

How is that helpful? Global warming would get a lot more attention if people weren't taken for dumb. If it was an honest, meaningful presentation instead o…

Phase out oil production? I hope they all too their bicycles to the meeting!

How essential and important is this for middle schoolers?

Some teachers or administrators are projecting, no doubt.

Leave those pre teen kids alone and let them live their lives and enjoy growing up.

They'll be put in front of issues soon enough.

One of the quietest nights in EL Granada, not leave fell out of the trees.

This feels like a big joke.

“How many white families do you know who are doubled in housing?” he said. “Not a one.”

There are more than a few white families who live in their mobile homes and can't afford to pay rent. I guess that doesn't count as sharing if one likes to play identity politics.

Congratulations and a very impressive 39 Minutes finishing time!

I also swam Alcatraz with as a guest of the SF Fire Dept. Wet suits were optional but needless to say the guys that showed up looking like seals were considered "other"...

Some, who thought they were studs, d…

Here is what I would do to change my lifestyle: There are 2 able bodies here.

Any entry level, no skill job nets between 350 and 450 a week, 1500 - 1800 a month.

Multiply by 2 and that's plenty of rent.

This would work even without transportation, buses are just fi…

My checkbook is none of your business, Vince. We're not there yet, too bad for you. Calling anything that doesn't fit the agenda misinformation is typical for that type of overzealous activist though.

Welcome to Socialist, 1 party California - taking away our little freedoms one by one -overnight. With no vote. What a sneaky, clandestine move by your back stabbing uncontested administrators/handlers. In 35 years, I have never seen any dangerous situation here caused by an off leash dog…