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I put "scholarships" for a reason, I didn't mean it literally. They find a kid that they want to play football for them. The school talks to the family and asks if they can afford it. The family says no, and the school provides financial assistance which results in very little/no cost to …

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Super proud of this team. They gave Serra a good run for their money in the first half.

But, in all honesty, HMB had no business being in Division 1. This isn't to take anything away from the team, but it's hard to compete against schools that can give "scholarships" to play footbal…

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I never thought the city, or newspaper, would support the idea of helping people break the law.
This is sad. HMB will reap what it sows. It will eventually hit home for those who support these policies and they will wonder what went wrong.

This has nothing to do with people in Central America reading this newspaper. This has to do with this newspaper supporting a narrative that is detrimental to our country and creating sympathy so that we, as citizens, are ok with people breaking our law.

We do not need to despise these people. I never said that I did, nor do I think that all people who are against illegal immigration despise them as well.
My concern is with illegal immigration. I don't think that our country should incentivize people coming here illegally. I also do…

I understand the plight of immigrants, but if they want to enter this country illegally, I don't have a lot of sympathy. They can choose to not cross illegally using the means that legal immigrants use and wait their turn. Illegal immigrantion sympathizers need to understand that this is w…

With all the homeless and impoverished in our state, you'd think that these efforts would be better helping our local communities in need.

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Good for this man to get a fresh start.
But, why start the article with a political statement? This was a great opportunity to write a feel-good story about a homeless, but that wasn't good enough. You had to take the time to describe a Trump-Hitler comparison. Would the story have be…