It's easy to ask employers to *Have a heart." and raise employee wages when you're not the one signing their paychecks!

Farmworkers don't pick OUR crops! They are employees hired to harvest a FARMER'S product!

MS Gomez and MS Huerta. This is 2020 not 1960. Adoption of modern technology is the future direction of farming.

Farmworkers are a vanishing relic of the past and will soon be replaced by technologies such as satellite guided planting and harvesting. It's not difficult to envision f…

What EXACTLY is "Trump-style racism"? PLEASE BE VERY SPECIFIC!

Instead of a political activist graduation speaker, I would have tried to get Melania Trump!

Half Moon Bay's City Council had better be careful with their pitting Capitalism against Communism/Socialism policies.

Do they want a community comprised of low income struggling residents striving for the American Dream but with no hope to ever achieve that dream because the wealth…

"Latinos ... are the engine of our economy.".

The Giusti's, Reppeto's, Pastorino's, Bank of America, Lea's, Steve Hyman, Keet Nerhan and many, many others, including myself might disagree with that!

Unbelievable! Someone else in Half Moon Bay who actually understands how business works!

Two points. First, the purpose of a business is to make money; not to take the burden off employees struggling to make a living in a very expensive community.

Second, “Latino families, farm workers and food servers are the backbone of our community." Nonsense! The backbone of the co…

kiosk commented on King Tides roll through

I'd be a lot more concerned about a 20 ft Tsunami that could occur at any time! Tomorrow perhaps?

I'm not at all worried abou a tiny sea level riset 100 years from now -- if then!