Joey J commented on Silvio Joseph Modena Jr.

Hey Alan and family. I'm trully sorry for the loss of your pops. It sounds like he lived life to the very fullest. What an amazing life he had. I didn't even know we had a local bell maker. How cool. Love and peace to you now and always. - Joe H.

Joey J commented on Beverly Jane Landess

I apologize for the misspelling by my voice texting. Home economics is what i was talking about. I recall having her in a home economics class at Cunha. Again, so sorry for her family's loss.

Joey J commented on Beverly Jane Landess

So sorry for her family's loss. Didn't she also teach home academia? Let me call having her as a helmet teacher. Again sorry for the loss.

Joey J commented on John Charles Carriger

Hey Jeff and Christian. This is a friend from long ago, Joe H. My hope is that you make it through this time of mourning knowing that you are not alone. Your sadness is felt and I wish you and your families peace and strength not just now but always.

Joey J commented on Ruth Ann Thorsett

Andrew, sorry for your loss. We were class mates in school. She must have been a good person because I remember you were always a good person too. Be well and be strong. She's still very much alive, just on a different level. Bless you and the Thorsett family.

Joey J commented on Carolyn Seaton

To the Seaton family, bless your hearts as this chapter of life unfolds. Michelle, I knew that had to be your mom when I saw her photo. Peace. Be strong and be well. - Joe H.

Joey J commented on Kenneth I. Paul

It's nice to know that his artwork will survive in the community for centuries as will his spark of inspiration that ripples on and on. So sorry for your loss. His kindness and warm smile was infectious.

Joey J commented on Jennifer Lazarus Jennings

So sorry to hear friends and family. I graduated in the class of 95 with Jenny. She's always nice to me and always had a nice smile. I think her for that. Bless her heart as she is still very much alive. - Joe Heckman

Unfortunately I couldn't get away from work to make it to the memorial. I want people to know that I wouldn't be here today if it hadn't been for Jody saving me from drowning at Venice Beach many years ago. Jody, myslelf, and Morgan were surfing one day. I lost my board and got pummeled t…

Joey J commented on Dale Heckman Obituary

Dad, thank you for being the best father I could ever ask for. You were the perfect dad for me. Heaven is blessed to have you back. But we miss you terribly. I can't believe you're gone. Though I know you're right here at arms length. I love you dad and so does Diana. You are missed and l…