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Not sure if posting links is permitted, but you can look up scheduled lane closures for Caltrans District 4. So, here ya’ go:

Local professional sports Teams are hosting tens of thousands of unmasked fans for games in outdoor stadiums. Haven’t heard much reported about these potential super spreader events. Wonder why. Could it be that there has been NO super spread at these OUTDOOR gatherings? Is the Council aw…

Can they maybe try working five days per week and finish this thing?

Why do you feel there is a new flu vaccine formulation every year?

“…$160 million…”

Ha! Because that’ll happen.

I would be interested to see a summary of completed projects that were identified in the 2011 plan.

Well said. I absolutely agree. What I cannot understand is why nobody will hold the FDAs feet to the fire to get full approval and end the EUAs for 12+ getting the shots. The data is all there. Approve it and move forward.

Thank you for taking the time to explain the circumstances. Our family had a wonderful experience at the preschool. My kiddo learned the planets, discovered the wonders of books, made fun crafts, picked strawberries from Rabbit’s Garden, and started many great friendships that we still ha…

Um, maybe fix what ya got? The bridge in Miramar might be a good start, but what do I know. Then you could resurface from Kelly to Poplar, and then Seymour to Cameron’s, please!

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The beach… it’s closed.