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San Mateo County announced Tuesday that some restrictions on indoor operations have been lifted after it moved into the “red” tier of the state’s pandemic regulations. Read more


The City has been working on a plan to address traffic, affordable housing, jobs. The Planning Commission just adopted the General Plan and Local Coastal Land Use Plan, which is basically our communities guiding document. It will be going to the City Council for adoption in October. More …

This is what inequity looks like.

One of the causalities and unintended consequences of district elections - while they sought to increase diversity, it actually limits it by pitting good candidates in one district against each other while other districts go uncontested. Adam has been doing a great job as Mayor during thi…

Poor Bob. No one can ever spell his last name right.

Monitoring for years - but no closure plan in place, no detour plan in place, design not complete, and permits needed from Coastal Commission, Army Corps, California Department of Fish and Wildlife, and Regional Board. Not sure how many projects Mr. Porter has gotten permitted from those …

Just one small example of how the bridge impacts the economy of the coast...My family and I often ride the trail to Blue Sky in the morning or for lunch at the Brewery in the afternoon. Since the bridge has been closed, we haven't gone that way once.

I went on a run on the Devils Slide Trail last night. What an incredible stretch! Unparalleled views, quiet, interesting is truely a unique resource and I have no doubt that it will become a major "must-do" attraction on the Coastside that will reap benefits for our l…

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Damn you, Leland Yee!

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Would be a great location combined with the development of the nearby former nurserymans exchange property (now owned by POST) as a gateway park - as originally intended