Maybe Wagstaff should come out here and explain to us what the cops did wrong on this one. Oh wait no one will listen because we don't seem to care about what Wagstaff has to say. These deputies didn't receive any more training in mental health situations since Sandra's death yet there we…

Egok commented on Quiche with chow mein?

My heart and soul melts, Louie! THIS IS EXACTLY what cooking and the culinary arts are all about.

One of the most brilliant chefs and chef instructors I ever worked for or learned from told me once that any idiot can put caviar on a plate and make it look fancy; however, it takes a …

Ash and smoke particles attaching to water particles equals dirty cars and nighttime. As long as it's not a permanent environmental or health hazard, I think we should see the silver lining and enjoy it for what it is, Alaska time! :-)

Vince you are wrong.

Totally agree

Atta boy, Cpt. Justin!!

Gavin hires good people; he's just another figurehead though and don't be disuaded by his sexy hair, Sabrina :-)

THANK YOU, whoever you are!

Wrong, Wrong, Wrong, Eric. Very reckless and completely based on erroneous opinions with a lack of facts......facts. NOT opinions.