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Linda Mar Beach in Pacifica is toxically polluted by 22 rental units at Shelter Cove Beach, complete with rusted septic tanks and 1950s leach fields. P00p from Shelter Cove floats 1/8 mile north right into your kid's face at Linda Mar Beach.

Maybe it's time to start giving cops who don't kill anyone $750 bonuses twice a year and a $1000 annual bonus to everyone in a departments that doesn't kill anyone in custody.

Would be cheaper than paying Civil Rights Attorney John Burris $6.7M every time our departments…

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MamaMagoo's data shows the division Voters value most to be less than twenty percent of the total budget : "Patrol Division ($)53,750,468.00 (@) 19.17%"

I ran the Elizabeth Warren campaign in San Mateo County last year and spoke with at least 1200 people in a single day at the …

Dan Stegink commented on Sheriff’s budget in focus

Here's where the majority of SMC Sheriff's funding goes:


Dan Stegink commented on Sheriff’s budget in focus

Here's a look at the San Mateo County compensation system.

County Manager John Maltbie made a whopping $688K last year.


"Ms. Harmon was transported by ambulance and died on the way to Stanford Hospital." Viewers hear six handgun shots before we see Harmon away from gun, another five before Harmon is on the ground. Deputy Cuevas handcuffs her, rolls her over and immediately sees the (pixelated) chest trauma…

Stanford isn't the the closest. Even Santa Clara County sent 40 trauma patients in 2015 to:

San Mateo Medical Center (18 trauma patients)

Sequoia Hospital serviced (22 trauma patients_

That said SMC's contract directs anyone S of Devil's Slide to Stanford Medical Center …

Why was this victim transported to a hospital in an entirely different county?

Incident at Main St in HMB on a weekday 7pm and they transport all the way down to Stanford Medical Center... doesn't make sense.

Sheriff's press release described a firefight... That was a firing s…

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Roy, If your argument is that zero interest is preferable to market rate interest we are in agreement. If your argument is that "other parts of the City's budget might be trimmed and adjusted to cover a cash crunch" I would suggest you have underestimated the HMB revenue shortfall by seve…

Santa Clara County has more than twenty free COVID 19 testing sites if SMC residents can't get an appointment:


1 Asian Americans for Community Involvement (AACI): 408-975-2730

2 Indian Health Center of Santa…