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San Mateo County Sheriff’s deputies arrested a 35-year-old Half Moon Bay man late Saturday night after he allegedly shot at vehicles in Cameron’s RV park on Wavecrest Road. The man also reportedly set his own RV on fire. Read more

Pretty sure if there were a Volcano erupting we would know about it. (Or any other end of the world scenario happening)

It’s smoke! Nothing more.

Montara was included last time which made absolutely no sense. We were at 86% humidity and a brisk wind of 7 mph! What is the other criteria they are referring to??

Ridiculous that Montara had our electricity turned off when our humidity was at 86% and 7mph winds! It was practically raining when the electricity went off.

Even now, the humidity is at 37%

This is ridiculous!

The photo I saw of the plane in the water showed some type of green glow or possible emissions coming out of it.

How does a plane crash in the water and to cause problems with the environment it disturbed?

Stay tuned...

What vehicle? We haven’t heard of any vehicles going over the cliff recently!

When are there going to be updates about this?