Ms. Salazar if the school doesn’t spend any monies for this service leave it alone. If children and even adults are not taught to understand and respect our laws and our fading culture your little piece of haven will become just another Seattle, Portland, Santa Cruz or Cuba. Remember that…

Just because those in charge, either present management or past, had the foresight to save for a possible disaster like the Wuhan virus doesn’t mean it should be spent. That’s the way government works, not intelligent board of directors. Stay thrifty and keep saving, this could really get…

Make that 2016

Pescadero used to have a gather Place, Pescadero General Store. Better known as “Cindy’s”. It burned down on September 18, 2017. Still never been rebuilt or sold to someone willing to purchase. Hello Tom Steyer, got any money left to help the town where your ranches are?

So is it true that any place selling products that collect CRV must also buy them back? Where else may one return these in HMB?

Steve does this apply to commercial tenants, i.e. Retail?

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Good observations and hopefully tax reform is around the corner for not only the IRS but maybe the state code as well. That's a major effort and one we can't really tackle at our level. The real effort here has to originate with the donors to POST. The management isn't about to give out mone…

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Tyler, that was a one time "take down the heat" offering the school district accepted. That is not an on going offering from POST. Don't forget the other 52% they're not paying to the county for roads, fire protection, first aid response, sending all their employees children to sc…

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Nothing to celebrate here folks. POST has and will continue FOR EVER to cost the LaHonda Pescadero school district $700,000.00 per year in lost tax dollars. If the Pescadero Pebble had a pair they'd do an in depth story about this private rich corporation and tell all!

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Look at the bright side Barbara, at least your road gets a sign.