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A Tuesday discussion to amend an agreement between San Mateo County and proponents of Big Wave, the long-planned mixed-use proposal that would combine commercial space with housing for developmentally disabled people, left some fans of the plan frustrated by continued delay. Read more

August West

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August West commented on More delays for Big Wave

This has all the hallmarks of Lennie Roberts and her "influence" in the Planning Department. Shame that she does not want to see housing on the Coastside for those with developmental disabilities. It should be a no brainer.

August West commented on HMB traffic project nears completion

Absolutely. At least 6AM-9AM should be no right turn on red. Terrace is going to be way way worse with the new light.

The entire premise of this "article" is absurd. Was the HMB Review Twitter account warning people yesterday? No, it was responding to a tweet from the new boss Lenny. Clay and Lenny are uber-progressives. This article shows the slanted way that the paper will report in the future. So unbe…

August West commented on Hundreds attend HMB immigration vigil

Cool. Did you do this in 2016 too?

August West commented on Hundreds attend HMB immigration vigil

Nah, those organizations are not that powerful. This is just progressives here who either feel guilty of something or want to prove their virtue. HMB is super segregated and those folks like it that way.

Wow Vince is a seismologist too. Who knew?

Lisa just LOVES the idea of re-writing zoning to keep the undesirables out. Not surprised. The NIMBYism is off the charts with this one. "We have ours but you cannot have yours."

August West commented on Photos: Coastiders go forth

Progressives ALWAYS make it about themselves.

Well that is so benevolent of San Mateo County. Who should we thank first? The Supervisors? I am go glad these beasts will never again roam free. WHO WILL THINK OF THE CHILDREN??

August West commented on Mission Pie closing in San Francisco

What exactly is the point? Mission Pie had an unsustainable business model with high wages. They made pies. Sorry that did not work out. Perhaps economics lessons next?