It is reasonable given the steep terrain that fire captain Lutz exercised caution on his hike. Shouldn't the news media be asking investigators how his body came to rest in the Big Sur River? Perhaps the answer will save another hiker from a similar fate.

John, the scribd document has been removed.

John, who is the SO deputy charged in the drunk driving case?

Apparently the Half Moon Bay Review would like to have a piece of the pie:

I would think Hann was removed from his job after his first arrest, and so his connection to it would not be factually true

"Anderson is passing through the Coastside on his run from San Francisco to New York City..." Maybe he should stop running backward long enough to check his direction.

I once did a quick turnaround to L.A. -- about 800 miles -- in a full size car. I wouldn't want to try it again. 'Can't begin to imagine the endurance required for this man's feat.

Proof that students lag in Geography.

With a mistrial you go back to trial and double jeopardy does not apply. BUT with a dismissal granted by the judge, that's another matter. Which is to say I have no idea what is going on here. Is there a lawyer in the house who can answer?

If this doesn't warrant a formal investigation with individuals held accountable then I don't know what does. SMC grand jury seems exactly the right course, no?