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San Mateo County Sheriff’s deputies arrested a 35-year-old Half Moon Bay man late Saturday night after he allegedly shot at vehicles in Cameron’s RV park on Wavecrest Road. The man also reportedly set his own RV on fire. Read more


Livia who lived in Pompeii said "oh its just ash" then

People are not heeding the please to stay away from the Coastside. Isn't it time to start enforcing this? Saturday beaches packed with people and making traffic on Hwy ! VERY slow and hazardous. Officials PLEASE DO SOMETHING>

It is my thought - and others concur- there should be something set up to monitor who is coming to the Coastside while the fires are burning. Checkpoints at Skyline r before at 280 and in Pacifica should turn back people who are here for anything but business /and/or who live here.

I was tested first day A County did testing. Have never gotten a report back.

I find this very sad. We are so obviously not all in it together. Why do those without masks, or crowding together think they are better than others. I ashamed for them. what should be a wonderful chance to walk and inhale, see, taste and feel nature you , those not complying, take away o…

Thank you Sheriffs.

Love to have face mask - no way to make one and would love to know where to buy - that I can get to. I have an order for some but will no be delivered until May.

I would like to see anyplace that is serving food wipe down with disinfectant counters, trays, tables -likewise grocery stores etc.

acostalkate commented on Library celebrates LEED certification

Oh get over yourselves - we are proud of our library and proud of the architect.

Why does no one ever ask the opinions of people who already live live in "affordable" housing, Some of those might surprise most people.