A. Coopersmith

A. Coopersmith commented on Connect the Coastside final draft released

Seven years to install truck signs? 17 - 30 years for a bike lane? What's wrong with this picture? How is an ordinary Coastsider supposed to relate to this?

Thank you Clay. This story is a great illustration of the wacky concoction of government agencies within which infrastructure happens or doesn’t happen here on the Coastside. As a 40-year Coastsider I can only shrug and laugh!

And David, wow! You make the perfect straight-man for th…

A. Coopersmith commented on New Leaf offers online pickup

I've been using this service for about a month now. It works great. Staff members who do the shopping and bring out the cart, and load the shopping bags into my car, have been intelligent courteous, and efficient. I highly recommend this service.

A. Coopersmith commented on Finding self-interest in self-isolation

Thank you Clay Lambert. These are important guidelines to remember. None of us can choose our neighbor's behavior, but we can choose our own, and make a difference through our own small acts. When I went food shopping today, did I thank an employee who is working heard for retail store wa…

Where are we supposed to get these face coverings? If they're not available anywhere, how do we make them, especially those of us who have no experience sewing?