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Hello, Michelle again. I usually talk about Big Wave but this time I'm not. This time, I'm talking about the Half Moon Bay Review and its ableism.

I notice that every time an abled person (someone without a disability) wants to speak about Big Wave, whoever is against it or supportive, their option is posted online or in the newspaper.

But when I try to tell disabled's person's point of view about the project, I either get rejected, my post get deleted, and my account is inactivated. Why? Just because I'm disabled does not mean I don't have a voice. That does not mean I should be ignored and not taken seriously!

I'm trying so hard to educate people in our community about this project and why it's important for people with disabilities, but it seems like Half Moon Bay Review does not want to hear it from me. So I'm calling you out! I've been patient for long enough, but I'm not going to let myself be censored anymore. 

I will be posting this on Facebook and Tumblr just in case you decide to delete this. This is not acceptable.

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Lest anyone think that the granting of permits equates to safety of a building site, it does not, at all. It does equate to the desire for the money generated for government agencies, naming increased property and service taxes. The same regularly makes news when massive mudslides destroy property, sinkholes swallow buildings, flooding washes away homes, hospitals and stadiums are built on earthquake faults, etc. When you ask why something was allowed to be built in a certain location, just follow the money. To the doors of developers and government entities.


Much of the opposition to Big Wave has absolutely nothing to do with ability or disability!

It has everything to do with community and its access to roads and services...for all the folks who already live here. Traffic, for example, which is already becoming a nightmare here in Montara/Moss Beach, will be horrendous for anyone trying to access the highway and get anywhere. This has been a rural community, which is why most folks live here. Huge developments are out of place and ruinous to the lifestyle here.

Safety. Big Wave is to be located in a tsunami zone which is subject to liquefaction in an earthquake. Not the safest place to house anyone, let alone those with major disabilities, given the limited emergency response capability of our official agencies. Not their fault at all, but their numbers are limited, as will the access of responders be from over the hill once the roads are compromised. We know that we will likely be on our own for at least three days in the event of a major disaster. That's being planned for. However, why is a project of this size being allowed to be built in a known dangerous area, when this will stretch resources even further? The west side of the highway is a known hazard zone. Why put our most vulnerable citizens at greater risk? I would be hesitant to want a family member to live there.

Access. Sure there are busses. But few shops, restaurants or grocery stores within easy access. Is this the best place for a community which needs easier access to these services, not more roadblocks to accessibility? Our less able citizens should be more integrated into the community and its services, not isolated in a very unpopular commercial development.

uffish thought

Well said, pae.
And the argument that it comes down to protecting the coast vs caring for the disabled is specious. We can do both. This project does neither.

John Charles Ullom

"I like to think that I am one of those misbehaved women who will be known around town as a disabled woman you don't want to mess around with."

You are on your way to that girl. Remember, the goal is to win. Being proven right is great but the goal is to win. Here is my quote for you:

“To know your Enemy, you must become your Enemy.” --Sun Tzu

Think about that and apply it to your goal to make Big Wave happen.

Clay Lambert Staff
Clay Lambert

Michelle, I have an apology to make. I have your opinion piece and somehow it found its way to the bottom of my queue. That's my fault, but it wasn't done purposely or in any attempt to silence you. I plan to run it this week.

And, I'm glad you found a place to voice your opinions on Talkabout.


Thank you for listening to me. I am glad that you are willing to post my view on the Big Wave Project.

uffish thought

>>I am glad that you are willing to post my view

uffish thought

Seems the slow bps transmission rate lost part of my response: when someone beats someone else over the head with threats and false accusations in order to make them to do something, the subsequent "thank you" is rather meaningless.

>>I like to think that I am one of those misbehaved women who will be known around town as a disabled woman you don't want to mess around with.

John Charles Ullom

It is a horrible accusation that has been leveled against the Review. Apparently Michelle has learned that if nothing else, accuse somebody of Bigotry or Racism. Works like a charm!

Just look at this post. It seems all of the nice ones were deleted thus the accusation which has been proven again to be effective.

Good work Michelle. One question though.

How are you able to determine the abilities of anybody based on post in a blog? That is neat trick especially since so many post anonymously.


Do I look like I'm posting anonymously? No. Do you want my full name? It's Michelle Marconi. There, not anonymous. Can't I express my frustration without being labeled as someone who is over sensitive? Can a disabled person express their opinion without being taken as a joke? That's what I have to deal with on a daily basis.

John Charles Ullom

Michelle. The reason I pointed anything out is because I take you seriously as a person. Autism has nothing to do with how intelligent one is. You are articulate and informed when it comes to advocating for Big Wave. I have seen you post before. You are clearly not a joke.

I am a Big Wave supporter. The concept is both nobel and beautiful. Brilliant when it comes to financing Big Wave far into the future. The project should move forward. I really do hope it works out.

Here is the thing and it's only my opinion. Nobody who is opposed to Big Wave is an Ableist. Not anybody. In fact, some contend that the location of Big Wave isolates people. I am not sure I agree as I ride public busses occasionally. I see lots of people who are challenged in some way that navigate the system just fine. Having a physical or mental challenge doesn't make one helpless. You obviously are not helpless.

I won't patronize you. You would be rightfully insulted if I tried. I think your advocacy should focus more on concerns of those who oppose Big Wave. Some of them are legitimate, others are silly.

Stay away from the bigotry stuff. You can't win playing that card. Address the stated concerns and you will be amazed at how many others agree with you. Some of those might join your cause.

Big Wave has become political. Not saying that's right. Just saying that everything is political on the Coastside. If you really want to change the world, you have play the game. The game is hard. It's frustrating. It is rarely fair. It can be won.

I hope you win.

John Ullom


I am not offended. In fact, I am glad to see another person supportive of the project. The project means so much to me I can't really explain it.

I didn't say people who are against the project are ableist. I said the Half Moon Bay Review was ableist for deleting all of my post about Big Wave, and deactivating my accounts while people who were not disabled were allow to speak their minds on the website or in the newspaper. But I have talked to people in the Half Moon Bay Review and things are ok now.

The reason why I use the word "ableist" because as a disabled person, I experience ableism all the time. And so do my disabled friends. I hear my friend's stories on how there discriminated and bullied for their disability. I've even been discriminated from the workplace when applying for a job because of my disability. Managers would rather hire someone who is non-disabled and have an easier time training them then a disabled person and giving them extra attention. And when I thought the Half Moon Bay Review was ignoring me, I thought I was being discriminated, again. It eventually gets to you and sometimes you have to stand up for yourself. Otherwise, your voice is not going to be heard.

One of my favorite quotes is "behaved women rarely make history" and I like to think that I am one of those misbehaved women who will be known around town as a disabled woman you don't want to mess around with.

Thank you for your support, your kind words and encouragement does mean a lot to me.

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