The Cougars’ Friday night varsity football game against San Mateo High School has been canceled after San Mateo school officials called it off due to COVID-19 cases, Half Moon Bay High School Principal John Nazar said on Thursday. 

According to Nazar, San Mateo High School's staff contacted Cougars leadership to call off what would have been the Cougars' second game of the season because they felt it would not be safe to play due to COVID-19 cases among San Mateo’s team. Nazar confirmed that the game was not canceled because of cases among Cougar athletes or staff.

San Mateo High School officials did not disclose the details of the cases and did not immediately respond to a request for comment. The junior varsity game will go on as scheduled at 4 p.m., Nazar said. 

“We want our kids to be safe, and their kids to be safe,” Nazar said. “We were looking forward and were ready to play.”

While Nazar said there have been confirmed cases within Half Moon Bay High School’s athletics community, neither this cancelation nor a volleyball game that was canceled last week were initiated by the Cougars. So far, Nazar said, COVID-19 has had very little effect on Half Moon Bay High School’s sports schedule, and hasn’t prompted the school to cancel or postpone any games. 

“We’re all hopeful for the best but we’re concerned because (COVID-19) doesn’t seem to be going away,” Nazar said.

The same COVID-19 protocols apply to all local high school sports, and require anyone who tests positive for COVID-19 to quarantine and not attend school, practice or any school activities. Nazar said Cougar athletics programs have been following state and county guidelines stringently.

“Anything we hear about we follow exactly the guidance we’re given,” Nazar said.

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The JV game will start at 3:30 pm.

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