Half Moon Bay International Marathon

Runners take off at the Half Moon Bay International Marathon on Sunday morning. Photo courtesy Captivating Sports Photos


Scott Dunlap didn’t even know he had won when he crossed the finish line.

The event was the Half Moon Bay International Marathon, Sunday, held under clear skies in El Granada. Due to the half-marathon also being held, it was not always apparent who the marathon and half-marathon finishers were.

“Oh, my God, I guess I won,” said Dunlap, who lives in Woodside near Skyline Boulevard.

Dunlap said it was important to pace himself en route to his 2:53.01 finish in the 26.2-mile race.

“The course is challenging,” Dunlap said. “There are some little hills at the start and you can’t go too hard or you’ll have nothing left at the end.”

Oakland’s Magda Boulet, a native of Poland, was the first woman to finish, taking fifth overall in 3:01.59 in pleasant, sub-70-degree weather.

“I love it here — it’s spectacular,” Boulet said of the course. “I can’t believe I didn’t run this before. It was a pleasure to run.”

Mountain View’s Judy Martin didn’t win her race, but she enjoyed it, as you could tell from her mermaid outfit. Male friends of hers wore shark hats; all had a grand time.

“The scenery is awesome,” Martin said. “You can really get one with nature. And I like the camaraderie. It puts a smile on my face.”

Half Moon Bay’s Anthony Cortes, who works at Safeway in Half Moon Bay, was the half-marathon overall winner in 1:15.52. He formerly ran for coach Paul Farnsworth at Half Moon Bay High School.

Cortes crossed the finish, then raised both hands over his head. The only thing missing was an olive wreath for his head.

“It’s good nobody passed me,” Cortes said. “I was all by myself and never looked back. It was good to run in my hometown; it was clear, nice and flat.”

Age was only a number for a few runners. Roni Kornitz, 60, ran an impressive 3:57.56 to win the men’s 60-69 division. Julie Roedell won the women’s 50-59 division in a brisk 3:59.20. r

Half Moon Bay

International Marathon

results (overall)

Scott Dunlap, 2:53.01; 2. Shera Gurun, 2:54.57; 3. Gen Lin Foo, 2:55.34; 4. Daniel Russey, 2:55.45; 5. Magdalena Boulet, 3:01.59; 6. Jason Epstein, 3:07.34; 7. Marios Athineos, 3:07.42; 8. Stanley Peng, 3:08.58; Nakia Baird, 3:10.47; 10. Stacey Stebbins, 3:11.58; 11. Kristine Groteguth 3:21.20; 12. Pau Summers 3:22.12; 13. Kenley Gaffke 3:22.17; 14. Matthew Schabas 3:22.52; 15. Pete Briggs 3:23.24; 16. Joey Mares 3:25.55; 17. Surendra Paty 3:27.32; 18. Liz Cirone 3:31.16; 19. Alejandro Rojas 3:31.23; 20. Trevor Neeb 3:33.07.


Overall: Scott Dunlap 2:53.01; ages 1-29: Daniel Russey 2:55.45; 30-39: Kenley Gafke 3:22.17; 40-49: Jason Epstein, 3:07.34; 50-59: David Pulino 3:34.45; 60-99: Roni Kornitz 3:57.56.


Overall: Magdalena Boulet 3:01.59; 1-29: Bethany Davis, 3:34.35; 30-39: Joey Mares, 3:25.55; 40-49: Tricia Richter, 3:51.16; 50-59: Julie Roedell 3:59.20.

Half-Marathon (Top 20 overall)

Anthony Cortes, 1:15.52; 2. Li-Chieh Hsu 1:22.40; 3. Steven Stewart 1:25.57; 4. Richard Johnson 1:27.21; 5. Mike Narcia, 1:22.51; 6. Michael Bishop 1:29.12; 7. Lauren Manero 1:30.08; 8. Kristi Rossi 1:30.23; 9. David Lallemant 1:31.15; 10. Jeffery Morton 1:33.19; 11. Megan Lareau 1:33.40; 12. Benjamin Bernal 1:34.22; 13. Ian Rogren 1:34.40; 14. Martin Gilson, 1:35.30; 15. George Rehmet, 1:35.17; 16. Andes U, 1:36.11; 17. Margaret Ellis, 1:35.27; 18. Dylan Ragozin, 1:36.29; 19. Emmanuel Augustin, 1:36.30; 20. Poncho Ciriaco Torres, 1:36.11.


Overall: Anthony Cortes, 1:15.52; ages 1-29: Andes U 1:36.11; 30-39: Michael Bishop, 1:29.12; 40-49: Jeffery Morton 1:33.19; 50-59: Richard Johnson 1:27.21; Mike Narcia 1:27.47.


Overall: Lauren Manero, 1:30.08; 1-29: Margaret Ellis, 1:35.27; 30-39: Pancho Cirianco Torres 1:36.11; 40-49: Casondra Sobieralski 1:42.35; 50-59: Roberta Reed, 1:52.57; 60-99: Victoria Colligan 1:47.40.

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Great to meet you! I enjoyed representing Kings Mountain at the HMBIM, and once again, it was a great event!

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