Fog Town Toys Mavericks 17

Bear Flag Grizzlies 2

The Mavericks got off on the right foot with an Aksel Brown home run in the first inning. Eivan Asinof was also impossible to stop, getting on base in every at-bat. He finished with three singles and a double.

John Santana started the game off with a single scoring the first run for the Grizzlies. Tyler Sisneros made it on base for all three of his at-bats and scored the Grizzlies second run.

Casey Meyer hit two singles and exhibited strong base running all game. Declan Derhammer hit a single to score an RBI. Will Santana's single in the first inning scored one. Enzo Baez had two great hits for the day, helping to advance his teammates on base. Mateo Erridge got on base during both at-bats, hitting a sweet fly ball over second base to advance his teammates. Conner Fluharty pumped up the team with his last inning single to keep the game going.


Graphic Works Bulldogs 10

Firehouse 9 8

The Bulldogs kept their heads in the game even when they were down 8-2. Paxton Holden did a superb job at the pitcher’s mound in the first inning, striking out the first three batters. Wyatt Gunning caught a line drive, Eli Blake and Holden both threw out runners to first base, while Austin Bright, playing second base, tagged a runner out.

Anders Brown, Bright and Holden all had singles, while the Davis brothers, Tahlon and Brayden, hit doubles. Bulldogs were down in the bottom of the sixth inning, when Brown, Gunning and Evan Adams all walked. Holden hit a single to tie the game, then Aaron Ortego hit a walk-off to win the game.

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