Rebyl Foods 16

Bear Iron Flag Grizzlies 8

Casey Meyer and Will Santana both hit two singles and a double and notched an RBI each in a fine effort that ended in a loss for the Grizzlies.

John Santana hit four singles with an RBI. Declan Morris was also 4-for-4 with an RBI. Enzo Baez notched three singles with three RBIs. William Murtha had a double and a single and got the last RBI for the Grizzlies.


March 22


Brush Hog Tree Care Bulldogs 8

Ski Lane 7

The Bulldogs turned in a complete team effort in a hard-fought win that took seven innings. The Bulldogs had a staff day and used six different pitchers. Clayton Cozzolino smashed a home run down the line and pitched a scoreless inning. Wyatt Reimche, Reese Rosenthal and Thomas Benson all had nice hits.

Reese Rosenthal pitched two scoreless innings for the Bulldogs and picked up the win with great defense to close out the game by Luke Gordon.

Jack Green had the at-bat of the night, fouling off multiple pitches and working a walk in the bottom of the seventh. Rayan McClenahan crushed a walk-off hit to left field scoring Green in the win.


March 19


Big Creek Lumber 15

Fog Town Toys Mavericks 10

Aksel Brown, who doubled in the first and tripled in the fifth, went 4-for-4 with three RBIs to lead the Mavericks. Ryder Adam went 3-for-4 with two RBIs, and Harrison Foster went 2-for-4 with two RBIs. Both Adam and Foster hit doubles in the game.

Brown, Adam, Finn Conlon, Clay Decker, Mateo Seaton, JJ Camarena, Ruby Morales, Eivin Asinof and Ben Miller all got singles in the strong effort for the Mavericks.


San Mateo Red Sox 8

Graphic Works Bulldogs 3

Aaron Ortega, Eli Blake, Brayden Davis and Anders Brown all pitched well for Graphic Works with a combined total of seven strikeouts.

Wyatt Gunning played great defense as catcher throughout the game. He threw out a runner at first. Jordan Velazquez hit a single, Aaron Ortega had an RBI, while Grey Tanner, Brayden Davis, Tahlon Davis and Austin Bright got on base with walks.

In the third inning, Austin Bright caught a pop-up while playing third base, and while playing shortstop in the fourth inning, he made a great play throwing out the runner at second.

In the fifth Inning, Eli Blake at shortstop for the Bulldogs threw out a runner at first base while Jordan Velazquez, playing second, threw a runner out.


Brush Hog Tree Care Bulldogs 12

McDonald’s 8

Luke Gordon pitched two scoreless innings with six strikeouts. Greyson Rossman smashed a double to right field, and Thomas Benson had a bases-clearing hit. Reese Rosenthal closed out the game for the third consecutive time.


March 15


Graphics Works Bulldogs 5

Mi Familia 4

Paxton Holden had a double and single for the Bulldogs. Aaron Ortega had an RBI, triple and a walk, while Austin Bright hit a two-run RBI single in the second inning for the winning team. Eli Blake had an RBI to put the Bulldogs ahead 5-4 in the top of the sixth inning. Evan Adam, Austin Bright and Jordan Velazquez all got a walk and stole bases.

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