Big Creek Lumber 4

Duarte’s White Lions 3

The offense was in high gear for Big Creek as Levin Anderson and Dillon Junge went 3 for 3 while Morrow Teper and Ellis Nash reached base on excellent hits.

Aidan McGee, Karlen Voegele and Donny Campbell played with great heart and energy. Lucas Maloney, Bryce Geiser, Levin Anderson and Bo Fitz recorded their first strikeouts on the mound. Bella Cummings and Gianluca Baldaccini also gave outstanding pitching performances.



Belmont Giants 9

Brush Hog Tree Care Bulldogs 5

Luke Gordon had two hits and struck out five batters in two innings for the Bulldogs. Wyatt Reimche pitched two solid innings and had a nice hit. Jack Green was a rock at catcher all game and Clayton Cozzolino had a nice catch in the field for the Bulldogs.


Fog Hat Toys 9

Bear Flag Grizzlies 2

Casey Meyer went 2 for 2 with two singles and an RBI in a determined effort for the Grizzlies. On defense, Casey opened up the Grizzlies pitching with a number of strong pitches and strikeouts.

John Santana also went 2 for 2 with two singles and an RBI. Tyler Sisneros hit a single and on the mound recorded multiple strikeouts.

April 27


Brush Hog Tree Care Bulldogs 12

McDonald’s 4

Clayton Cozzolino had a double, triple and pitched a great inning for the winners. Rayan McLenahan had two nice hard hits; Wyatt Reimche crushed a triple; Henry Bloom, Thomas Benson and Luke Jackson all had nice hits. Benson, Jack Green, Luke Gordon and Jackson all pitched well while holding McDonald's to four runs.


Simms Plumbing 13

Belmont-Redwood Shores Blue 2

Maverick Johnson and Clark Colucci drove in three runs each for the winners. Will Wimsett and Tristan Castro each drove in two — combining for 10 of the Plumbers’ 13-run assault.

Colucci and Castro both pitched well, giving up only two runs and striking out seven before the umpire called the game in the fifth inning. The Plumbers improved their record to 6-0.

April 23


The Beach House 13

Bear Flag Iron Works 4

The Beach House started with solid pitching from Jameson Barber who had three strikeouts in a row, followed up by Liam Keates, both keeping the other team from scoring.

The bats were hot for Beach House with Aaron Barbour hitting a home run. Liam Keates, Nolan Holland and Jameson Barbour all went 3 for 3 at the plate and contributed RBIs. Benny Plancarte, Grady Haenlein and Mike Ciucci also accounted for RBIs. Every player got on base.

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