Friday's 35-6 loss was a tough pill to swallow for the Cougars, who were celebrating homecoming. Kyle Ludowitz/Review

Homecoming hopes for a Half Moon Bay High School victory soared despite the fact that the Sacred Heart Gators were coming into Friday’s game with a 6-0 record. In the end, the Cougars would fall to the powerful Peninsula team, 35-6.

Half Moon Bay was plagued with incomplete passes. Wide receiver Nohea Sharp received the first Cougar completed pass with just about two minutes left in the first half. 

Half Moon Bay came out of the gate strong. Cade Duncan received the first kickoff, powering the Cougars to first and 10. It would be the Duncan Show the entire first possession as he led the charge down the football field. 

Most of the first quarter took place around the Cougar 40-yard line as both teams dug in. The boys battled it out until a Gator touchdown, with five minutes left, broke the spell. The home team crowd collectively held its breath as the Cougars took possession of the ball. Would they answer the Gators with a touchdown of their own? 

After a Cougar punt, the Gators gained excellent field position before being shut down by Weston Henry. 

But a Gator quarterback keeper yielded a 44-yard touchdown run. The score was now 14-0. With just two minutes and change left in the quarter, the Gators added another touchdown to the mix. 

The halftime score was 27-0, visitors. 

The Cougars would enjoy a long possession at the top of the third quarter. A series of incomplete passes prevented Half Moon Bay from putting points on the board. The score ticked up to 35-0. 

With 10 minutes left in the fourth quarter, Half Moon Bay quarterback Tristan Hoffman finally fired the ball to Quinn McCauley who would barrel it in, ending the shutout.

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