There are several well-organized bike rides that travel through Half Moon Bay over Highway 1 over the course of the year. None are any more meaningful than the California Coast Arthritis Bike Classic, which is due to roll through the coast on Sept. 21.

About 250 riders are expected to make the eight-day trek from San Francisco to Los Angeles. The first leg will take riders from San Francisco to Santa Cruz and come through the Coastside. That first stage will run 85 miles and include a stop in Davenport.

Because there are relatively few riders, there is expected to be minimal impact on Coastside traffic and no road closures. By comparison, last year the AIDS/Lifecycle cross-state ride attracted more than 2,300 bicycle riders.

The Arthritis Foundation-sponsored ride requires participants to raise $3,500 in order to ride and many raise much more than that. Some participants are themselves overcoming arthritis.

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