Louie Castoria

Humor Columnist
Louie Castoria has written Quip Tide, the Review’s humor column, for over 22 years, and hopes to get it right one day. He is founder and CEO of the Coastal Literary Arts Movement (CLAM), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that brings Coastside cultures together through multi-lingual literary appreciation and independent journalism. In his spare time he is a partner in a national law firm, an adjunct professor of law at Golden Gate University, a settlement conference officer and mediator at

Marc Hershon

Editorial Cartoonist
Marc has been providing the Review with an editorial cartoon (or “phodoodle”, as he calls them, based on his artistic style) on a weekly basis for 20 years as of this year. Regarding himself as a bit of a Renaissance man, Marc has been working in the branding business for over 30 years, creating some actual household names in his time (Such as BlackBerry, Swiffer, and Dasani, to mention a few.) He’s been a radio announcer, a screenwriter, an author, and a podcaster, and he even teaches improvisational comedy in the spare moments every now and then. Twitter handle: @phodoodle


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