Dear Editor:

Ed Larenas is endorsing two candidates for Harbor District and saying they’ll be like him. That’s bad.

As a voter and reader, I’m concerned that your former endorsement of Ed Larenas is coloring your judgment as to his adverse contributions to the Harbor District.

To be clear, he votes with and enables the disruption of the district along with Sabrina Brennan. Now he is asking members of the community to vote for Kirsten Keith and Lee Fernandez because they will vote like him. The thought of another board majority working to continue Larenas’ and Brennan’s misguided efforts should be alarming to residents of Half Moon Bay.

Ed has clearly shown his attachment to Brennan’s nonsensical and often destructive agenda. Yet the Review even failed to report Larenas’ recent rejection of the district’s decorum standards as “McCarthyism.”

When Brennan claimed (in the Review) to have done “more than ever” in 2019, the fact was that Brennan’s and Larenas’ short-lived leadership was a failure. They were big on self-inflated PR but short on achievements. An example: little to no progress was made on one of the most significant responsibilities of the Board, which is hiring a new GM. Not until they were removed from the committee did the Commission identify candidates, conduct interviews and successfully hire James Pruett. The district has thrived this year thanks to current leadership, heavy lifting by a majority of the board, and outstanding staff efforts.

We in the public are deeply disappointed that Brennan and Larenas have wasted taxpayer money and District resources. We don’t need more of the same. We especially don’t need to add to the tally of claims filed against the district by Brennan. We want to end the Brennan-Larenas tenure at the Harbor District, not continue it by electing Brennan clones.

Christina Umhofer

Redwood City

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