I’m writing in response to the editorial headlined, “Environmental news is terrifying and too often ignored” (Review, Feb. 20).

The author’s despair over widespread apathy in the face of looming climate catastrophe is well-taken. A quick, easy and productive action we can take is to write our congressional representative, Jackie Speier, to encourage her to vigorously work for passage of HR 763, which is currently before Congress.

This carefully conceived legislation will put a price on carbon pollution and return the revenue back to citizens. Canada has recently passed similar legislation.

The policy described in HR 763 is projected to reduce CO2 emissions by at least 40 percent in the next 12 years, through incentivizing use of renewable energy and accelerating private sector development of powerful new green technologies, and will be good for the economy.

- Joffre Baker, Montara

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"Carefully conceived legislation"!  By whom?  Lobbyists and campaign consultants?!

Climate change and idiot film-flam like a "Green New Deal" are insignificant compared to the REAL disaster facing mankind:  UNCHECKED POPULATION GROWTH.

Climate change is a debatable issue with many unknowns and makes a cute election-campaign talking point.

Effects of UNCHECKED POPULATION GROWTH are a MATHEMATICAL CERTAINTY with a predictable outcome independent of politics. 

The result?  Paul Ehrlich labeled it "The Population Bomb".  The timing may be debatable but the mathematics is not.  A population explosion is coming and it's going to be ugly.  BOOM!

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I’m writing in response to the editorial headlined, “Environmental news is terrifying and to…