In the middle of all this Coronavirus thing I was thinking about a song we sing here at Mariners Church that talks about how we can find rest in life’s worst because the “waves and wind still know His name.” It refers to Jesus’ command “Be still” to the storm when He and His disciples were caught in a small boat by a massive squall. Those storms that hit our lives still remember who is in charge. It has always been God.

As committed followers of Jesus, we find incredible strength in the reality of a very personal God who is aware of every breath we breathe, every anxiety we feel, and every sickness we experience. It is in uncertain times that we can trust in God who calms seas. And if He can

do that, He can calm us. Our lives are in

His grip and so we can let God say to our souls, “Peace, be


But we’re not going to just smugly say, “Oh well, we’ve got Jesus, so it’s all good.” Jesus asks us to get into our community (for now, keeping a six-foot distance of course!) and love and serve people. Hope in God and confidence in Jesus gives incredible strength to not operate out of fear but out of compassion and concern. So, we are encouraging people to provide comfort, practical help, assurance and assistance to those in our Coastside and world.

Because of the strength, love and confidence in God, we can say that we, as Christ’s followers, are built for times like this.

Pastor Paul Richardson, Mariners Community Church.

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