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Canyon Guy

An open letter to Half Moon Bay city councils.

It is no surprise to anyone when I say there are more tourists coming to our beautiful city and area beaches to enjoy life a little. We are lucky to live here and must say at times we are annoyed, upset and angry at these people who come here for their enjoyment. As it usually is there are two sides to every predicament. On the good side of the ledger, local business and the city (thru sales tax) benefit economically by the revenue that tourist bring into the community . On the other side of the ledger are expenses that relates to these revenues. Some of these expenses such as stress caused by heavy traffic, waste of time getting from a weekend grocery shopping home etc. are difficult if not impossible to calculate. As a local resident for over 40 plus years I have seen it all and it is getting worse every day specially on every weekend.

HMB was just awarded $4.75 million to improve Carter Park on main street and the city is looking to see how they can make these improvements. City is also in negotiations with POST to make “trail from the beach to the Johnson House and beyond". Obviously, these projects will bring more people and more cars to the city. The most important question that no one seems to ask is where will all these people park their car? Here is one suggestion.

City has a piece of land at the end of Stone Pine road that fronts highway 92 before entering the city of Half Moon Bay. The city is now proposing to use this land to keep and maintain its equipment. My suggestion is to build a 4 stories parking structure with two floors down and two floors above the ground. That brings the total height to about 25 feet above ground. Widen the highway at that point to allow cars coming down on 92 to make a left into the parking lot. This eliminates overcrowding the city streets and intersections of highway 1 and main street. Park their cars and take a short 400 feet walk to the Carter Park and downtown business. City can use as much of the parking lot it needs and install parking meters on the remaining stalls. City can borrow the funds at low interest rate that are available now and pay back from the revenue that will be generated from the parking. The parking garage industry generates between $25 billion and $30 billion each year. with some cities even experiencing a boom in paid parking garage opportunities. Of course once the mortgage is paid off all revenue will be available to the city for other capital expenditures.

We, local Coastsiders, are very opinionated and not easy to please. It took over 40 years to agree on building the tunnel bypassing the most dangerous piece of highway 1 that would close every year with a little rain. It took over 30 years to agree adding a bypass lane to highway 92 for at least part of the way you go up hill. I was involved in both those proposals; talking about patience, frustrations and stress. This is my last proposal. I will now wait and see all the objections. I am hoping the city at least entertain the idea and have a study session as to feasibility of such revenue generating proposition.

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