Dear Editor:

In regard to the recent story about the city of Half Moon Bay considering annexing Moonridge, make the budget case for expanding the boundary of our city. What are the yearly costs and liabilities?

Scott McVicker

Half Moon Bay

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EXACTLY! The City (and all governments) should conduct a Fiscal Sustainability Analysis with clearly documented assumptions, a sensitivity analysis of outcome variations in key assumptions, and then present to the community the risks and benefits and what protections exist for current tax/ratepayers. Likely there will be no guarantees and significant potential downsides, but can we please have a well-analyzed staff report?

Tyler Durden

The City of HMB would first need to do an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) if they wish to pursue this stupid idea. Recall the MROSD expansion of the mid-2000s which required multiple public hearings after they did an extensive EIR for expanding the MROSD boundary to include the Coastside.

Any dumb HMB politicians who are proposing this dumb idea are wishing to have a small group of HMB taxpayers pay for stuff that a large group of San Mateo County taxpayers are now already paying for.

Who would benefit from this major HMB fiscal blunder? Answer: Specific HMB politicians who want eligible Moonridge voters to help keep them in power in perpetuity.

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