Dear Editor:

The editorial in the Jan. 13 issue of the Review was important, well-written and deserves commendation. Great job!

The headline “California’s far right Congressmen deserve scorn” is not only accurate, it needs action. They should all be voted out of office, along with any other member of Congress who blindly followed and supported President Donald Trump in his extremist lies and his consistent efforts to divide our nation with countless malevolent statements. It is highly fitting that he has been impeached twice.

We, as a nation, experienced a nightmare, a wake-up call, on Jan. 6. The hypocrisy and extremist views of some Americans have now been revealed. I think we Americans have been deluding ourselves into thinking that we are “the good guys” when in reality some of us have been radicalized by Trump, QAnon, vicious postings on social media and right-wing journalism. We have far-right “American jihadists” everywhere in our nation, believing the racist lies and wild theories that have been circulating for many years, on so many platforms.

But what can we do about the situation? Prayer is one of my own personal answers, but we all can work to stay calm and support our duly elected officials, especially President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.

Above all, we must obey the rule of law, comply with orders to do what is necessary to stop the spread of the virus, and help the needy in our communities. The biggest question remains, “What can be done to de-radicalize so many people?”

As David Eblovi wrote in the same edition, it is vital for us to support quality local and national journalism as provided by the Review, the New York Times and NPR.

Thank you for the opportunity to write this letter.

Keep up the good work!

Rose Marie G. Fontana

Half Moon Bay

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The Forlorn Hope

John, thank you for at least attempting to be honest. I feel bad for Rose Marie, she's one of those who believe everything her TV tells her. I was surprised when Trump won the presidency back in 2016, but I didn't vote for Clinton, as I had been "awake" for many years and knew of the Clinton, Bush, Obama, central bank, globalist criminal cabal. Think of what just occurred with Reddit, Robinhood, and the Hedge Funds...... If not familiar on how this works you should be now - essentially The Hedge funds put the pressure on big tech to shut down the trading and it happened - take the same methodology and apply it to the election, thank god the military will now be stepping in to audit the swing states. Easier to say that I completely disagree with everything Rose Marie has said, however unlike the lefto - commies who have unleashed their censorship on this country, as an American I would fight for the right for Rose Marie to say what she has said, even though I completely disagree with her - and there are more Americans that stand by the constitution than the leftists, you are just the vocal minority. Lets hope things turn around quickly as far as the massive election fraud, or I fear for all of us.

John Charles Ullom

"....thank god the military will now be stepping in to audit the swing states." Did you read that on InfoWars?

"...unlike the lefto - commies who have unleashed their censorship on this country..."

What? Just because some blowhards got de-platformed? You can say anything you want but you have no right to be heard. The whining about Google and Facebook is funny. Trump and his effectively leveraged tools provided by big tech. Heck, look at the source code of your favorite news site. You will see dozens upon dozens of code snippets provided by Google and Facebook and Twitter and Youtube. TFH, I have been de-platformed by Nextdoor three times. Clay has de-platformed me more than a few times. The DA has blocked my emails. Were my rights violated? Are you upset about it?

Do you remember way back in the 90's when some silly liberals were whining about the fairness doctrine and talk radio? Don't be one of those.

"Lets hope things turn around quickly as far as the massive election fraud..."

There was no substantial election fraud. You are as indoctrinated as any committed Marxist ever was. You believe a lie. You are spreading a lie. People have died because of that lie. An evil man and some of his enablers concocted the lie so that true believers would donate to a fake legal defense fund. The only proof I have seen is proof that a few Trump voters voted a few times. Biden won the election. There was no massive swamp monster inspired / deep state / fake media/ RINO backed conspiracy. Get over it.

"...or I fear for all of us."

I am afraid of us.

August West

You people ever heard of Antifa? Blac Bloc? By Any Means Necessary?


John Charles Ullom

Have you ever heard of Oath Keepers, Proud Boys, QAnon, KKK, Christian Identity, or Hells Angles?

You are every bit as hypocritical as is Rose Marie.

John Charles Ullom

Unfortunately, Rose Marie seems to be afflicted with the same hypocrisy as she writes about.

Was she and or Clay upset about the violence committed by Antifa during the summer? What about the nasty Maxine Waters? She calls for violence all the time: --

"If you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd and you push back on them and you tell them they're not welcome anymore, anywhere..." -- Maxine Waters

We need to de-radicalize fundamentalist's on all sides. Starting with ourselves.


That's textbook false equivalency, John. I expect better from you.

John Charles Ullom

Really? The radicals on the right are worse than the radicals on the left?

Violence is violence is violence is wrong. Burning buildings is wrong. Threatening people is wrong. Us against them-ism is wrong.


Both-sides-ism is how our political dialogue has devolved to the current mess. There are such things as ethics and historic truth (or accuracy, if you prefer). Half a century ago I read McKay's "Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds" and what stuck with me is just how loony people can get if there's no check, no counter, to their obsessions. There is no middle ground, John, no split-the-difference, between Trump's lies about massive election fraud and the certified vote count.

John Charles Ullom

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