My husband is 82 years old and a 22-year Army veteran. He was in Vietnam for two tours and was exposed many times to Agent Orange. As a result, he is classified as 60 percent disabled by the Veterans Administration. Most of his physical problems stem from that exposure. He also suffers from dementia.

My daughter was visiting from Ohio, so I arranged dinner at the Miramar Beach Restaurant on June 6. My son, daughter-in-law and grandson also accompanied us.

We had a lovely meal and enjoyed each other’s company.

Just imagine my surprise when I asked for the check and was informed by our waiter that our check had been paid by another patron who wished to remain anonymous. To say this gesture touched my soul is an understatement — it rocked me to my core.

I do not know who you are but want you to know your kindness and generous act were much appreciated, certainly not only for the financial aspect, but for the joy it brought. Thank you.

— Minnie Roths, Half Moon Bay

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