Dear Editor:

The Feb. 10 Half Moon Bay Review article on the City Council’s meeting that discussed changing from gas to electric heating and appliances did not mention several salient points that need to be addressed before any action is taken.

-Primarily, what cost analysis has been done? This should include the incremental cost of adding all-electric heating and appliances to new and existing homes and businesses.

-Has PG&E been consulted on the feasibility and cost of changes to the infrastructure that would be required? They are in the process of renovating the gas distribution system in Half Moon Bay and may have an opinion on the proposed change.

-With respect to existing homes and businesses, what would be the real cost of substituting, not just the wiring and appliances, but the addition of air purifiers that would be needed once the existing filters on gas furnaces are no longer in use?

-What would be the impact on home values of the change, especially as it would apply only to Half Moon Bay and may result in a differential between the city and other communities on the coast?

-Who would pay for the changes? Can homeowners expect grants or tax write-offs from state and federal taxing authorities?

I’m sure the rest of the community would be interested in answers to these and probably other questions once the discussion moves to include community input, which apparently has been lacking to date.

Kenneth Ayer

Half Moon Bay

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Patrick McKee

Complete lunacy

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