I am writing to voice my opinion loudly and clearly. Donald Trump must be convicted and disqualified from running for office ever again. The House impeached Trump for his incitement of an armed insurrection against the U.S. government to throw out the results of the presidential election. And while his base ransacked the Capitol building, terrorizing its occupants and stealing documents based on a lie that he made up, he did nothing to try to stop it. Five people died because of his actions and inactions.

Now it’s time for the Senate to act! It’s time for the Republicans, who for some reason support this person who lied more than 30,000 times during his time in office, to stand up and act like honorable and honest people. Be courageous and take a stand, not because if you do there is a possibility of losing an election, but because it’s the right thing to do. Donald Trump must be made accountable or next time he will walk down Fifth Avenue in New York and kill someone thinking that nothing will be done.

Roberta Gelt

Half Moon Bay

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