Dear Editor:

Recent letters and editorials on a cable tram over Highway 92 into Half Moon Bay are a fairy tale. Do supporters really think that families will pack up their children, dogs, lunches and beach chairs and then walk from the terminal to the beach?  

We all agree that traffic is a significant issue on the Coastside, particularly on summer weekends, but the reason is that for decades Coastside governing bodies and some environmental agencies have stymied efforts to widen roads and highways in hopes that growth would be curtailed. Growth has been curtailed, but the reason is Measure D and other tactics by conservation groups. If the focus is to alleviate traffic congestion, there are far simpler solutions that rely on existing corridors — roads and highways.

Maybe in the future

we will all be able to fly so we won’t need roads and highways — another fairy tale!


Les Deman

Half Moon Bay

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