Dear Editor:

We claim to be conscientious, liberal, caring, kind and giving unless of course the need to act turns up in our backyard.

Lodging is obviously important for homeless, but counseling and social services are just as important, which is hard to find when one is living under a tree. Feeding someone who is hungry will help them get through another day but needs to be repeated day after day. However, during that cycle we should help them learn how to fish, manage their life, learn to value their life.

Getting them to a place where services are available is the best way to break the repeating daily cycle. Shoving them under a carpet so you don’t see them is not the solution.

Think for a moment if you lost 50 to 75 percent of your assets and livelihood; life would turn horribly bad and you would need help. You might self-medicate to ease the pain. You search for a helping hand, but that hand is holding a sign: “Please move under carpet. You are blocking my view.”

Bob Ptacek


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Homelessness is a complex issue. Some are homeless in HMB, because they are meth addicts. voters chose to not 'jail' or incarcerate drug addicts yet, there is no active simple program to help these addicts. In particular, meth, alters the mind and some become aggressive and a danger to civilians. They become indigent ,so there is no means for them to pay for a rehab center. They are homeless, trapped and unable to mentally detangle from Meth.

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